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I am my own worst enemy

This was my thought process yesterday:

ME: Ow, ow, headache. Go away.
SELF: Take some Panadol and stop READING, you fool.
ME: But all my favourite authors have posted their big bangs! CANNOT STOP.
SELF: *sigh*

I did stop reading long enough to watch Ratatoulie. Man, that's a fun movie. Wish I'd seen it sooner.

Head is much clearer today. Right, what to read next?


I've been so spoiled by all the good authors in the Supernatural fandom. I keep clicking on Tony/Gibbs recs and actually expecting them to be, y'know, literate. They're recs! Which mean they should be good! Why is this so hard? Do people in the NCIS fandom not have a high standard? Anyone who ships Gibbs/whatever should be looking over their shoulder, in case Gibbs slaps you up the head for bad grammar.

*see icon*

I keep re-reading Xanthe's fics, because that's all I've found so far. And I love The Tenth Muse's stories too, but quite a few are WiPs. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THIS. Gimme long, plotty, well-written Tibbs!



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I finally went ahead and did it. Why I put it off for so long, IDEK.


Get your minds out of the gutter, you pervs. I was talking about upgrading to a paid account! Sheesh. I've got room for more icons and now I'm ad free. Will look into changing the look of my lj page later, but I'm already v.v. happy.




P.S. You know that ad thing LiveJournal is touting, where you can get paid for allowing ads on your lj? THE CHEEK.



So, the breakfast. I survived! More shockingly, it was pleasant. Lordy lord.

I think it helped that Dad started it off on the right foot. He and Sue had offered to pick me up on the way to the breakfast, and I agreed because they would have had to go past my place anyway. So when Dad knocked on the door, I opened it, half-dreading that it was going to be the both of them standing on the doorstep. But, to my relief, it was just Dad. So I was able to give him a hug and quickly show him the changes I'd made to the place before we walked out to the car. I'm so glad he did that. I was able to react to Dad as I wanted to, and then find out what my reaction to Sue would be when I met her.

Huh. Sue was standing next to the car and my first thought was that she was older and plainer than I'd expected. She's about Dad's age and in fairly good shape, just a bit plump. For someone who had caught my Dad's eye - well. Actually, that had been my Mum's reaction when she saw Sue from a distance too. THAT'S Sue? And I suddenly understood why.

So, she played it pretty cool. Offered a handshake and I took it, we both said hello. it was fine. I didn't find myself wanting to lash out or something. I hadn't expected to, but you never know, right? She offered the front passenger seat and I said no, that I'd take the back. She didn't push it, and I didn't talk while we were in the car. But I'm like that - if I'm in the back, it's harder to follow stuff so I'm quiet.

At the breakfast, it was all normal. Ordering and then chatting while waiting for the food. I talked to Dad, and I talked to her as well. She's got three sons, and the youngest is sixteen and deaf. I knew that before (and REALLY bothered when my sister first told me. It just seemed weird that there were similarities, you know?) We actually ended up talking about him a lot, because he might benefit from getting a cochlear implant. I offered to talk to him if he needed an opinion from someone who has one.

There was also general chat about books and stuff. Typical conversation. I tried to suss out the dynamics between Dad and Sue while we all talked. They seemed easy with each other and joked every now and then. Ugh. I hate mentioning it now, even though I didn't mind it at the time. The breakfast was a couple of hours and then they dropped me off. I hugged Dad and gave her a hug as well. UGH, UGH, I hate saying that too. God.

Upshot? It went better than I expected and I didn't mind meeting her. But not again for a while, okay? Meanwhile, I'll be happy to help out her son in any way that I can.



It's Australia Day tomorrow, and I was going to celebrate it by sleeping in. But now I can't do that, because my dad has asked to meet up for breakfast with him and Sue. Still, it's not until 9.30, so okay, I can handle that.

Dad and SUE. She is the OTHER WOMAN. My Dad started seeing her before my parents got divorced, but I've never met her. I'm not sure how I feel about her. She's a divorcee herself, and I get the impression that she chased my dad and he didn't exactly resist. I've never talked to Dad about the events surrounding him and Mum splitting up a couple of years ago, so everything thing I know about her is what others have told me. Mostly from my sister, because she's really perceptive and kind of nosy.

I've been on Mum's side for this, because she was completely blind-sided when they split up, and she struggled with depression on and off, though she's a lot better now. But it's been two years, and I think Mum has become stronger for all the changes. So I sort of hinted to dad last December that I was ready to meet her. Just to get it out of the way really, and see what my feelings are about the situation now. I AM hoping that she plays it cool. If she starts acting like she wants to become my new best friend, I will claw her eyes out.

Aargh, I've managed to depress myself. On a lighter note, flawedamythyst tagged me for a fun meme! Answers below:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. In case you didn't know it already, I'm partly deaf. I was born completely deaf in the right hear, and half-deaf in the left. When I was five, I got a hearing-aid for the left ear. A year and a half ago, I got a cochlear implant for the deaf ear. Progress on the implant seems to have slowed down, but I try not to get discouraged.

2. I don't own a nail-cutter, or whatever they're called. I bite my nails nails to trim them when I'm watching TV or DVDs, but that's the only time I do it. I don't even realise I'm doing it half the time. It drove my BFF friend nuts until she pointed it out, so I'm better about doing it around her now!

3. My hair grows really fast. Jensen Ackles and I have that in common. I haven't cut it for six months at least, so it's about half-way to my waist now. Is my hair longer that yours, flawedamythyst? Sorry!

4. I can actually cook a decent meal when I try, but I'm so bad about shopping for ingredients and making the time to cook that it hardly ever happens. Easy meals are my friend.

5. I can handle summer much better than winter, even when we have 40 degrees Celsius three days in a row like recently. That's about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. EVEN SO, I would love to vist a country that snows so that I can make a snowman and go skiing. Everyone should do it at least once.

7. I enjoy my own company so much, I have to be forced to socialise "for my own good".


Two posts in a row! AMAZING

I went jogging with my BFF tonight, and managed to complete two thirds of the run before I told her I was gonna walk the rest of it. FAIL. In my defence, it was still bloody hot out, okay? Plus, too much of the Christmas cheer, methinks.

Oh, but something hilarious happened on the way home. I got stopped by a booze bus. That's not the funny part. IT WAS ON THE CORNER OF MY STREET. I was in spitting distance of the driveway, and I had the police on my arse.

Shoulda jogged the whole thing.
I'm all read out. I keep clicking on stories and finding that I'm not in the mood to actually read them.







Did you guys even know that I was gone? Probably not. *huffs*

To make a long and aggravating story short - I've been offline for three weeks. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I couldn't access the internet from home AT ALL, and I nearly went spare at how long it took to get the situation fixed. My god! How it went offline was my fault, but the incompetents on the other end managed to stuff it up a couple of times and TURNED THE WAIT INTO WEEKS. I'd get a text on my mobile to say that I was reconnected, and then I'd try to get online, and find out that IT WAS LIES, ALL LIES. I'm not getting over that any time soon.

Man, the stories and posts in my inbox has been piling up, and I don't know what to catch up on first! There's comments to reply to, feedback to leave, friends to catch up on. What to do first? *spins around in circles and falls over*

I lie, I knew that the first order of business was to post that I've been away, so that when I start commenting on posts or stories that are three weeks old, it might be obvious why. I've been sneaking online at work, but I couldn't do that much. I mean, what if someone managed to catch me just when I was reading a really hot, steamy sex scene? Erk. My back is sore from how tense I got from trying to get away with reading at work. I need a massage now.

Ah, but now I've got all night, in the privacy of my own home. That sounds almost dirty, doesn't it? *smirks*

Bye now!


Just call me Miss Crankypants



Can't funtion.


What's worse is that I can't even read to cheer myself up, because that would only make me more naseaous. I'VE BEEN LIKE THIS ALL DAY AT WORK TOO.

*falls into bed*

Merlin recs

I've just discovered that my brain twin (aka nachekana) and I have a mutual love of a relatively new fandom - BBC's Merlin, and the pairing of Arthur/Merlin. Yay yay! And it was my BBF dominiondreams who got me onto the Merlin bandwagon in the first place. *smish!* Since that's two people I know that are into it, I've decided to rec my favorite stories so far, and spread the love.

Note: Most of these fics are of the longish persuasion, which is my preferred reading.

The Crown of the Summer Court
"The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."
I don't think I'm giving anything away when I say that it's about elves, and challenges and Arthur being an impulsive prat. After you've finished reading this one, go and read all the other Merlin fics by astolat, especially Favorite, where Arthur and Merlin can't keep their hands off each other. *chortles*

Truth is a Whisper
Words can also be mightier than the sword
I really love Arthur in this one, who struggles against a different kind of enemy, and Merlin, with his loyalty to his prince. I've read it three times already. Again, once you've read this one, go and read all the other Merlin fics written by seperis. You'll be v.v. happy.

Three Tasks
Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court.
This is not as cracky as it sounds. The first part has Arthur mediate a dispute, and in the second part, Arthur has to mediate a dispute that Merlin is involved in. How does he feel about that, and does he go with duty, or love? I love how it plays out.

The above fics were set in the same kind of Camelot as in the show. But I have to also mention the ones that are complete AUs, but still give us the Arthur and Merlin we know and love:

Drastically Redefining Protocol
In which Prince Arthur of Wales meets Merlin Emrys of Windmill Hill, and all hell promptly breaks loose.
This is a modern day AU, and it's been recced everywhere already. It contains awesome banter between Arthur and Merlin, much like canon, as well as being a wonderfully funny story. I love it to bits. It has four extra stories after it as well. Not as long as the first one, sadly, but some are v.v. porny *g*

Two Weeks Notice
As you might have guessed, this is based on the movie Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. I wasn't that impressed with the movie, but I LOVE this version so much! Miles better, with spot on characterisations. Arthur works for his father at Pendragon Corporation where Merlin becomes his long-suffering assistant. My kind of romantic comedy.

Modern London AU. On the day that Arthur swore he'd never take the tube again, he met a student called Merlin.
I'm really fond of this one, it's just so sweet and funny with a prat!Arthur and a bemused Merlin. I think what I love most about it is Arthur's pursuit of Merlin, almost despite himself.

The Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date
Morgana sends Arthur on some blind dates that don’t go quite according to plan.
I love how Merlin and Arthur meet in this one. This is another one I love to read again and again.

Okay, I never used to read RPS, and I still don't for the most part. The only guys I ever wanted to read was Jared/Jensen. And now I'm suddenly into Colin/Bradley. It's a slippery slope.

(For the uninitiated, Colin Morgan plays Merlin, Bradley James play Arthur, and they both seem to be lovely boys by all accounts. Not fair.)

Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust Again
This is how it starts off: The thing with Bradley starts (more or less) in broad daylight one afternoon three hours into filming a scene where they have to climb a giant beanstalk.
Yes, I like my fics dashed with humour. I like it even better when there's teasing and gay epiphanies too.

And Nobody Wears a Crown
A story about a summer in France, in which Bradley finds himself intrigued by Irish names, Colin reads a lot, Angel and Katie are their usual innocent selves, and a few moments change everything.
A bit more angst in this one, but very much enjoyable nonetheless.

These are where I discovered most of the fics above, with plenty more I haven't mentioned:
Merlin Trope, AU, Crossover, RPF fic recs
Born to Crash and Burn

Plus some communities you have to check out:
The Merlin Big Bang Challenge
Reel BBC Merlin

Enjoy! And now I think I'll read one of these stories again. *trots off*